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  • How to Help Yourself When Grieving
    When Grieving it can feel like you are going crazy and not sure how to help yourself. Here are some simple techniques to help yourself when grieving.   Lean into the pain Read more
  • What to Say and Not Say to a Grieving Individual
    By: Kelly Daugherty, LCSW-R, GC-C Over the many years of providing grief counseling to thousands of children and adults, I have heard the stories from my clients of what their friends Read more
  • Grief or Depression?
    By: Kelly Daugherty, LCSW-R, GC-C, BC-TMH The next topic for the blog series: Grief and Loss is about the difference between grief and depression. Grief is the feelings associated with a loss Read more
  • What is Complicated Grief?
    By Kelly Daugherty, LCSW-R, GC-C, BC-TMH    This blog will focus on what complicated grief is. According to ICD 11 (International Classification of Diseases) “Complicated grief also known as Prolonged grief disorder Read more
  • Normal Grief Symptoms
    By Kelly Daugherty, LCSW-R, GC-C, BC-TMH    Grief is a normal, natural process and this is a list of some of the most common grief symptoms that I have seen my clients Read more
  • Grief 101: What Do You Need to Know About Grief
    By Kelly Daugherty, LCSW-R, GC-C, BC-TMH This list is from my years of experience working with grieving individuals and from what I have learned through my own grief journey.  Grief is normal, Read more
  • Juice Recipes
    By: Kevin Daugherty, CHHC, CH, CHMI Juice Recipes Each recipe will yield 30-38 ounces. The amount will vary based on produce and machine used. One recipe equals the minimum of one serving Read more
  • Grief & Loss Blog Series: Topic #1: How Grief Shaped My Life
    By: Kelly Daugherty, LCSW-R, GC-C, BC-TMH This is the first in a blog series on grief and loss.  The first blog will share my story about grief shaped the woman I Read more
  • Juice Detox
    By Kevin Daugherty, CHHC, CH, CHMI    Health Benefits of Juicing Detox There are innumerable benefits resulting from a juicing detox. The deeper the detox the more these benefits are amplified. Lose weight and Read more
  • Microwaves..What You Need to Know
    By: Kevin Daugherty, CHHC, CH, CHMI The microwave was an important tool in the kitchen all my life. There was a time in my early 20’s that if I had any Read more
  • Power Walk
    By: Kevin Daugherty, CHHC, CH, CHMI When I say "Power Walk" I'm not talking about the rigorously focused walking that's just short of jogging and is meant to burn calories and Read more
  • Pesticides and Veggie Wash
    By Kevin Daugherty, CHHC, CH, CHMI Find out Why You Should Use a Veggie Wash Plants have a natural defense against pests, but the over-farming of the land has depleted the soil Read more
  • Two Types of Food
    By Kevin Daugherty, CHHC, CH, CHMI With all the different kinds of food out there it can be a little confusing and overwhelming on what is good for you and what Read more
  • Priming Positivity
    By: Kevin Daugherty, CHHC, CH, CHMI  If we want to find all the things wrong with everything, everyone, and even ourselves we would be very successful. We would find an alarming Read more
  • Let's Drink to Good Health
    Why is Drinking Water Good For You. Kevin Daugherty of Greater Life Health & Hypnosis answers that question in this blog.   The earth is covered 70% by water. We, humans, are Read more
  • Making Strides with Healing Steps
    Healing Steps Program by Greater Life Health & Hypnosis This blog is written by one of our mentors from our most recent Healing Steps program. We are grateful to have such Read more

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