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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that commonly get asked that you can get answers to before you reach out for your first session.

Is it better to work in person or virtually?

Both in-person and virtual sessions are highly effective. If coming into the office isn't an option, then a virtual session is a great alternative. Greater Life Health is conveniently located in Malta, NY (ET time zone) 

How long are the sessions typically?

Most sessions are, on average, about an hour and a half long. The session is tailored specifically for you and is focused more on the change and not the time. 

How many sessions do you think I will need?

Everyone is uniquely different and so are the problems they experience. The goal is to uncover and break through the root of the problem to gain lasting core change. Your change will start in the very first session, but your journey may need more or less than what someone else needs. 

What if I can't be hypnotized?

We often have an idea of what hypnosis looks like from TV or a stage-type show, but what you are going to experience is much different and much more effective. Dont  worry if you are someone who feels you "cant turn off your mind", this work will use that active mind for you instead of against you. 

Everyone can be hypnotized, but not everyone can be hypnotized in the same way. The vast majority of the core changes you will experience will happen through the actual conversation and will be taken to the next level through the work of trance and hypnosis. We are going to focus more on getting the results and get caught up less on the process of getting there. 

Does insurance cover this work?

The change you are looking for is a personal investment in yourself. You are worth it and the positive value from your change is going to far exceed the cost of the investment. With that being said, if you have a flex spending account through your insurance company, often it can be used for this work. Some insurance companies will reimburse you if you submit a receipt which can be provided after the session. 

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