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Most coaching or other techniques/modalities fall short because they work at the symptom level. That keeps you stuck in what feels like an endless loop, repeating the same problem over and over.
Our work together quickly peels back the layers of the symptom to the core reason why you are stuck. Doing work at the core level means that you can better understand why it’s there and how to remove or bypass it.
You are able to get faster, easier, lasting relief.

Stuck Emotions

Anxious feelings and thoughts.Worry or negative thinking.Feelings or triggers from traumatic events.Feelings or triggers of anger.Feelings and thoughts of shame or guilt. You can get relief easier and faster than you may have imagined.

Anxiety and stuck emotion relief

I work with people like you to get relief from:

  • The anxious thoughts or feelings that’s been burdening your life…taking up all your time and energy, leaving you worn out, fatigued, and often feeling depressed.

  • The worry, overthinking, or inner conflict that seems to keep you from making decisions and keeps you up at night

  • The compulsions that seem to keep you stuck in an endless loop.

  • The anger that seems to be right under the surface takes you from zero to one hundred in a split second.

  • The stuck memory of a traumatic or difficult event that seems to pop up over and over.

  • Or the pain, shame, or guilt that you've been holding onto for far too long.


Experiencing anxiety can feel inescapable and uncontrollable and can wear you down.


Automatically reacting to past trauma or difficult event can keep us in a constant state of stress.


The feelings and triggers of anger make it difficult to navigate everyday events and the people in our lives.

The repetitive feelings of shame or guilt weigh on us and pull us down into a pit of despair. 


Your mind does a wonderful job at sensing threats and danger for your safety and survival. The stress response you feel is a sign of that very thing. Often, though, it does too good of a job and triggers your alarm system and sends you into stress and anxiety even when there isn’t any real danger.


Our work together utilizing proven techniques, including hypnosis, will help you quickly neutralize and reset the stress “alarm” that’s going off inside you.


Imagine no longer feeling overwhelmed and better able to manage your stress and other emotions- wouldn’t that be amazing?

Just imagine how wonderful and how free you would feel without the burden of worrying and overthinking.


You can get the relief you are looking for, and it can be done easier and faster than you may have imagined. You will feel more balanced, be more compassionate to yourself and others, sleep better, improve your productivity, and feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Stuck Fears

Fear can feel inescapable and uncontrollable and can wear you down. We may not be able to change the world around us, but I can help you change how your body and mind react, allowing you to feel calmer and in better control.

Overcome fears

Our work together utilizing proven techniques, including hypnosis, will help you quickly break through your fear so you can feel free and confident. 



You can overcome your fear and it can be easier and faster than you may have imagined.

Fears hold us back. They stop us from living a full life.


  • The fear of driving or fear of flying prevents you from having the freedom to travel. 

  • The fear of needles or fear of surgery or other medical procedures keeps you from getting the protection or health you desire. 

  • The fear of heights keeps you from seeing the world from a higher vantage point.

  • The fear of vomiting has you worried about every germ, every hint of motion sickness, or worry about being around anyone that may be sick out of the fear you will become sick yourself.

  • The fear of tight spaces makes elevators, MRI scans, and even the back seat of the car a no-go. This fear tightly restricts your life in many ways.

Stuck Habits

Achieving health and finding peace comes from conquering old habits and starting new sustainable ones. Imagine the extra energy, the reduced stress, and the added confidence you will experience from gaining freedom from your unhealthy habits. I will get you there easily and effectively.

Break bad habits. Reduce alcohol. Overcome emotional eating.
  • Do you find yourself drinking too much alcohol?

  • Do you use food or alcohol to comfort yourself when stressed?

  • Do you eat when you are bored?

  • Do you feel that food is your drug?

  • Do you find it difficult to stop eating or drinking?

  • Do you use food or alcohol as an escape or distraction from difficult emotions?

  • Do you have a habit of eating carbs and sugar?

  • Do you feel you drink too much soda?

  • Do you eat too fast or overeat?


Many people struggle with unhealthy eating or drinking habits, including eating when upset, craving sugar, carbs, or alcohol after a long day at work, or going from one diet fad to another. These habits tend to cause so many issues with our body, or mind, or work, and our home.

We tend to rely on willpower alone to change these habits, but unfortunately, willpower does not get to the root of the problem and changes tend to be short-lived because of that. Lasting change comes from getting to the root of the problems and improving your relationship with food so you can gain the long-term changes you have been seeking.


I use hypnosis and other proven tools and techniques to help you change your unhealthy habits and change your relationship with food or alcohol. You will be able to let go of the underlining issues that have influenced your negative habits. After our time together, you will be able to easily make wise food choices, eat when the body is hungry and eat mindfully so you know when to stop.

You will be able to create the right relationship with alcohol for you.


I am a Certified Hypnotist and Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach, which means that you will not only achieve the habit/behavior-changing techniques through hypnosis, but you will also receive nutritional information to help you make the right changes to your diet to aid you in your journey to health.


Kevin Daugherty of Greater Life Health does not treat or diagnose any disease or mental health disorders whatsoever.

Kevin Daugherty does not represent his services as any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law, Kevin Daugherty does not make any health benefit claims for his services. Results may vary from person to person. Kevin guarantees the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation.

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