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Juice Detox


By Kevin Daugherty, CHHC, CH, CHMI


Health Benefits of Juicing Detox

There are innumerable benefits resulting from a juicing detox. The deeper the detox the more these benefits are amplified.

  • Lose weight and kick start a full weight loss regime

  • Increase immunity helping you heal faster and fight off disease better

  • Alkaline the body

  • Reduce cravings and habits

  • Reduce harmful parasites in bowel

  • Reduce your body’s total load of toxic chemicals and heavy metals

  • Improved digestion, decrease bowel inflammation and constipation

  • Improve kidney function

  • Reduce gallstones and gallbladder disease

  • Improve liver function, repair liver damage

  • Reduce arthritis and fibromyalgia

  • Reduce headaches, even migraines

  • Boost metabolism

  • Reduce cellulite

  • Reduce risk for cancer

  • Mental clarity

  •  Inner peace

  • Balance moods, no more mood swings

  • Increased energy and ability for physical activity

  • Live a longer, more enjoyable, more productive life

  • Being more in control of your health and your life 

These benefits and more are available to you by simply choosing to clean out your body safely and easily with juice. Raw juice contains life, choose life for yourself. You will be happy you did.

Juice Detox Basics

How does the body naturally eliminate toxins?

There are systems in place that are genetically programmed for detoxification in the body. Mainly these are the skin, liver, kidneys, intestines and lymphatic system. The lungs, colon, and gallbladder help out as well. With the Standard American Diet (S.A.D) people are consuming more toxins than the body can keep up with. This results in toxins being stored in the body.   Excess of toxins causes a variety of symptoms and disease including cancer.

The liver is one of the most important organs for eliminating toxins from the body. When working properly the liver breaks down toxins into byproducts that are easier for the body to get rid of like bile, sweat, and urine. If the toxins can't get out they are wrapped in fat to protect the rest of the body and stored. The primary function of the kidneys is filtering the blood and removing waste. They also make sure the correct levels of need minerals are in the blood. Drinking fresh juice and plenty of water will help keep the liver and kidneys healthy and working properly.

What is a juice detox?

A detox is a method to clean out your body from harmful toxins. These toxins are in the foods you eat, what you drink and some from environmental factors. There are numerous cleanses and detoxes available on the market today. Some may be effective, but many are not. Raw juice is the most natural way to detox by providing your body with essential vitamins and nutrients with no artificial ingredients or additives. Living for a period of days on nothing but raw, fresh juices is the basis for a juice detox. A juice detox is very safe and easy on the body. In a sense, you are flushing the toxins out of your body with a surge of really good stuff.

The long-range goal of a detox is to improve your overall health and diet, thereby reducing your intake of toxins. The longer the detox the deeper the cleansing effect. Once you release the toxins, your cravings for foods that are toxic will reduce or even go away entirely. Imagine reaching for an apple instead of a candy bar and feeling completely satisfied.

Who should do a juice detox?

Almost anyone can benefit from a juice detox. There are a few important things to consider before starting a juice detox:

  1. Be in relatively good health- no major health issues already taxing the body

  2. Be comfortable with yourself mentally –not desperate to lose weight

  3. Do it for yourself – not because someone else is encouraging it 

If you suffer from Diabetes, an eating disorder, epilepsy, or failure of heart, liver or kidney it is recommended you do not proceed with a juice detox. The changes brought on from a juice detox will add strain to an already stressed system and can cause more problems.

Juicing Detox Getting Started

There are numerous benefits to completing a juice detox. Imagine how great you would feel with more energy. Imagine skin irritation and allergies under control or even eliminated. Imagine losing those pounds that have stuck around seemingly forever. What a great way to jump-start a new weight loss regime. These results and more will be yours with a juice detox. 

The commitment to completing a juice detox is similar to the commitment to running a marathon. Proper preparation before, during, and after the race is the best way to ensure success. The path for a successful detox involves preparation and the commitment to yourself to stay the course from beginning to end. The results of your hard work will be a better functioning, healthier body.

Prep before you juice

Once you have decided what day you will start your juice detox it is important to prepare your body for the changes. What you eat the week before juicing will affect the detox itself. Follow these guidelines before you start your juice detox and you will have a smooth transition into juicing.

At least five days before you plan to juice eliminate all animal products from your diet, including dairy products. These foods take the longest to get through the body and are a burden on the digestive system. Two to three days before your first juicing reduce, eliminate if you can, all stimulants. This includes coffee, soda, sugar, and nicotine. Starting to juice stimulant free will help you complete a more cleansing detox. Finally, one day before juicing will start eating only raw foods for the entire day. This includes fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts. 

It isn’t as difficult as you may imagine. If you start to worry about being without certain foods or drinks it may be shining a spotlight on food addictions. 

What to expect

As you go through the juicing detox process remember you are stirring up toxins and other junk stored in your body. This may cause you to feel uncomfortable. The symptoms you experience before you began may be intensified. This is normal and will decrease as you continue the detox. These symptoms include, but are not limited to, headaches, dizziness, nausea, tiredness and skin rashes. You may also feel hungry, but it will pass.

You may experience withdrawal symptoms from processed wheat or sugar. These are very dangerous and addicting foods and once you detox from them it may be wise to keep them out of your diet moving forward.

To reduce these symptoms:

  • Adding nutmeg or lemon balm to juice will reduce nausea, parsley is also helpful

  • Celery and fennel juices will help reduce a headache

  • Drinking more water will suppress feelings of hunger

  • EFT Tapping, Bi-Lateral Stimulation, 444 Breathing, etc. (If unfamiliar with these tools, contact Kevin for info)

Juice Detox

Choosing the length of your detox is important. Here are some options and their benefits:

  • One day detox- help control cravings for unhealthy food while allowing your digestive system rest, easy to fit in your schedule,  but doesn’t allow enough time to reduce many toxins in the body

  • Two-day detox – allows the body a break from digestion, energy focused on replacing damaged cells, fits well into a weekend, a small number of toxins released from systems may not exit the body 

  • Three-day detox- rejuvenating effects, more time for the body to heal, some toxins released and flushed from the body 

  • Seven-day detox- Deep cleansing of the body, allowing ample time for cell regeneration and system flushing of toxins, the ideal choice for long-term diet and lifestyle changes 

After choosing the length and start of your juice detox you need to decide how and what to juice. Juicing is not the same as blending, specific equipment is required. Juicing machines are made specifically to juice and you will need one to complete your juice detox. There are a variety of juicers in the market providing consumers with several choices. 

The two most popular types of juicers are centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers have a high-speed spinning blade and strainer that separate the juice from the pulp. These units are typically lower cost and juice faster but can’t juice leafy greens well, destroys vital enzymes with heat and are a little tougher to clean. Masticating juicers have a low-speed motor and have an auger or grinding teeth to squeeze and crush and a strainer to separate the pulp and juice. These units cost more but give you better quality juice and can also be used to make other things like nut butter. Masticating juicers have my recommendation undoubtedly. If juicing is new to you be sure to experiment with your juicer. Know how your machine works and what produce processes well in it.

The recipes provided are guidelines for your own juices. Each one is one serving size; you should drink up to 3 servings a day. Drinking one complete serving of juice in one sitting will be difficult. Instead, drink enough to feel full. Then continue to drink a glass of juice each hour until it is gone. There is no need to use every recipe. Start with the ingredients that appeal to you and go from there. Remember to drink plenty of water. Nothing works as well as water to quench your thirst and keep your body and its organs well hydrated and functioning properly.

Ending juice detox

Properly coming out of a juicing detox is as important as the process of going into one. It's best to ease your body into eating again just as you ease yourself out of eating before the detox. During your juice detox, your body's energy has been focused on repair, not digestion. Your body will need time to adjust to solid foods again.

For the first day after completing a juice detox eat simply for the day with broths and vegetable soup with only a few veggies. For the next few days eat mostly fruits and vegetables while slowly introducing other foods into your diet. 

Tips for Successful Juice Detox

  • Purchase enough produce for 2-3 days to ensure the freshest juices. That will mean several trips to the store or farmer’s market for longer detoxing. 

  • Clean and prep all produce once. Even organic produce needs to be cleaned. An easy homemade recipe for cleaning produce is convenient in a squirt bottle. 

  • Fresh juice is best if consumed immediately after juicing. However, you can make a large batch of juice for the day and store it in the refrigerator. Add lemon if the recipe does not call for it to preserve the color and taste. 

  • You can freeze juice immediately after making it and drink it as it thaws. 

  • The juice will separate the longer it sits. Simply stir well with a spoon or shake the juice before consuming. 

  • Recipes are guidelines for complete nutrition. Be willing to try the recipe as written but know that it is alright to alter ingredients to suit your taste. 

  • Diluting juices with water, up to 50%, will reduce bloating and discomfort for sensitive stomachs. 

  • Keep a small notebook near to track your consumption. Make sure you are getting enough juice and water to satisfy your body’s needs. 

  • Set a timer to remind you to drink the juice. Having a timer to remind you every few hours to drink a glass of juice will reduce hunger and other symptoms. Don't forget to drink water between the timers too. 

  • Drink plenty of water. This will help flush the toxins out of your system as well as keeping you hydrated and feeling full. 

  • Remove temptations from your home. Get rid of cookies, soda, chips and other junk foods that may tempt you during your detox. Willpower alone is not enough. 

  • Retain a positive attitude. Remind yourself of the benefits of a detox and what you will achieve by completing a detox.  

Stay tuned next week for Juicing Recipes!

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