Tobacco no more

want to quit smoking or other forms of tobacco?

Tobacco Cessation Program

Are you ready to break the chains that tobacco has on you? Are you ready to give up your cigarettes, chewing tobacco, vaping or cigars? Gain freedom now from tobacco without any dangerous drugs or ineffective patched or gums.

Together, you and I will stop cravings in their tracks, I will give you tools to deal with any potential thoughts of relapse without any worries about gaining weight. We will kick the physical part of tobacco and more importantly, tackle the psychological hold tobacco has on you.

Other tobacco systems out there may boast big success rates but drugs like Chantix only has a true success rate of about 14%. That’s scary considering the mile-long list of side effects to include death. Gum and patches only cover up the physical nicotine addiction and does nothing for the root of the real monster which is the psychological habit. Hypnosis done properly can have results around 90-95% success without side effects and at a better cost.

Once someone quits tobacco, they generally fall into one of three categories. The ex-tobacco user who still has urges and misses tobacco, then there is the ex-tobacco user who can't tolerate being around others who use and even has trouble when seeing tobacco, then there is the last category; the ex-tobacco user who has no urges or desires and can find themselves around others who use with no problem. That’s the category I’m going to get you to. Tobacco will just be something you used to do. That’s it. No more. It has no effect on you.

No more trying to quit the hard way, You will get you DONE with tobacco the easy way!

If you are ready to put down the cigarettes, vape, chew, or whatever tobacco product it is and not want to pick it up again, I will get you there. Do it for you, not for your spouse or family or doctor. Do it for you!

Beyond getting you tobacco free I am offering a lifetime tobacco free guarantee. If you follow my program 100% and somehow find yourself back in the clutches of tobacco, you come back to me and I will get you back where you want at no cost to you. I believe in my strategies and techniques and I believe in you and your desire to be free of tobacco once and for all.

It's time to gain control over what's had control over you. I will help you get there! This is a 2 session protocol for Tobacco Cessation and sessions should be scheduled within 3 or 4 days of each other. Contact Kevin Daugherty at 518-879-1078 to schedule your two sessions for Tobacco Cessation and get back in control of your life!

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