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Why Choose Hypnosis First?

Kevin Daugherty of Greater Life Health & Hypnosis, Saratoga County, NY

Often people seek out hypnosis as a last resort, the last line of defense, the final straw when nothing else has worked.  When their time with the hypnotist is over and they are feeling better, they tend to look back at all the time and money they spent on other methods with no avail and say to themselves "if I only knew what I know now". I am here today to help you from making the costly mistakes ahead of time. Choose Hypnosis First!

If you think about why diets fail, why tobacco cessation products tend to be lack luster and then look at the side effects of anxiety medications, it's easy to see why hypnosis may be a better option. Diets may work on the body, but they don't work on the mind. Choosing the right diet and exercise program is one thing, but keeping up with it depends on sheer willpower and willpower is not very reliable.  Willpower is weak compared to the subconscious mind and hypnosis speaks directly to the subconscious.

As for tobacco cessation, there is a small percentage of the habit that is the nicotine and the rest is a mental habit.  That mental habit is running around in the subconscious and as we know, hypnosis works directly with the subconscious to help you make the necessary change to kick tobacco for good.

If you are feeling anxious and you tell your Doctor this, you will most likely wind up with a prescription. Medications have their time and place, but it can be a real roll of the dice at times.  Taking in the consideration of the side effects of some of these anti-anxiety medications which include drowsiness, nausea, sleep issues, weight gain,  irritability, increased anxiety, sexual dysfunctions, suicidal thinking, dangerous impulses and more.  The side effects could make you feel worse than when you went to your Doctor.  Hypnosis can help you feel less anxious without medication and the side effects are feeling better, sleeping better and acting better.  

Most the hypnotists I know are solution focused and have built their businesses on client referrals and not long-term clients or programs. That means their goal is to help you quickly and effectively so you don't need to keep coming back for the same issue.  Hypnotists pride themselves on you feeling better and you telling all of your friends why they should choose hypnosis first.  

These are my top reasons why to choose Hypnosis first:

1- Hypnosis works in a shorter amount of time. Most problems will be improved within 3 to 4 sessions.

2- Hypnosis is accessing parts of your mind that's holding onto the problem.

3- Hypnosis gives you tools to help rectify the problem.

4- Hypnosis accesses the unlimited part of your mind responsible for imagination and change instead of relying on self discipline or willpower which is extremely limiting.    

5-Hypnosis finds your model of the world and asks the subconscious what it needs and makes the changes necessary to achieve your goals. 

6- Hypnosis is well-studied and effective for treating conditions ranging from obesity, tobacco cessation, relief from IBS, pain management to anxiety, stress and much more. 

Choose Hypnosis and help you achieve your best life ever!!  Contact Kevin Daugherty, CHHC, CH, CHMI at Greater Life Health & Hypnosis at 518-879-1078 or [email protected] to schedule your FREE phone strategy session to learn how hypnosis can help you!

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Disclaimer: The hypnosis services rendered by Kevin Daugherty, CHHC, CH, CHMI are held out to the public as non-therapeutic hypnotism, defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. Kevin Daugherty does not represent my services as any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law Kevin Daugherty may make no health benefit claims for his services.

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