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Three Tips that will Change Your Life for the Better this 2017


I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions, I think change comes when changed is needed, not by a turn on the page of a calendar. Nonetheless it’s a new year so let’s look at what we can do to make it the best year ever. There are a lot of little things that can change the whole game of life. Little things that when done compound into the big things which equate to the best life ever. These three tips I’m going to share with you can be implemented in no particular order and be worked on individually or in conjunction with each other.

Tip #1: You Are What You Eat

Sounds like advice from your Grandmother? If she did say that, she wasn’t wrong. The fact is that you are comprised of everything you put into your body. Everything you eat and drink as well as the products you put on your body. Every sickness, syndrome and disease we have comes from one of two things: Toxicity or Deficiency and those two things happen because of what we do or do not put into our body. Simply put, Garbage In, Garbage Out. Think about it like you would think of a sports car. You put in high quality fuel, premium oil and top notch lubricant and the cars components will run smooth and that car will fly down the road with no problems at all. If you use poor quality gas, oil and lube then the gears will grind and the added friction would cause heat and stress. The engine would not even come close to running well and the car would never reach its full potential. Your body is the same way! It needs the right fuel and lubricant. It needs high quality stuff to work right, heal properly and fight off problems. Everything you put in or on your body is either going to build you up or tear you down. Every ache, pain, extra pound, syndrome or other ailment is a symptom of what you have or haven’t done including what you have or have not put in or on your body. Taking responsibility and taking charge of this will greatly enhance the quality of your life and can prolong it as well. Let’s face it folks, a long life isn’t worth squat unless it’s a good quality one.

Eating good and getting the right nutrients not only helps build your body become a high functioning machine, but it also helps your mind. Since your body and soul are one, what you put in your body feeds the brain. With that being said, this is the perfect time for me to segway into the next tip.

Tip 2: You Are What You Think

So, what you put in and on your body effects all its functions and what you put in your mind builds you up or tears you down. We spend most of the time in our mind thinking repetitive thoughts which most often are self-defeating. We spend a lot of time up there judging others or ourselves, holding on to the past or worrying about the future and living in some sort of fear. We miss out on all the beauty and splendor of life and can’t see all we have because we are stuck in our heads. We think that most of what we think is helping us get through our day, but it’s holding us back from a better-quality life. Visualize how much better things would be if you could cut your stress in half, your anxiety in half, if all the things you have held onto for all these years just went away. We walk through life with these lead weights tied to us. We choose to hold these weights; nobody is forcing us to. We choose to hold them and the only thing that keeps us holding them is the belief that we can’t let go or don’t know how to live life without them. So many of us rely on medication to deal with stress and anxiety and our past. I will tell you a little secret about those three things. Stress isn’t what happens but rather how you react to the stress. Anxiety is worry about the future; a future that does not yet exist. The third, the past, well simply put does not exist anymore. It’s gone, “POOF”, vanished! Now I understand that it sounds a little simplified but you will be surprised that life really isn’t as complicated as we all believe. The belief that its complicated or arduous is what makes it true. The opposite of what you believe is also true. You begin understanding that it’s easy and smooth and that is what you find to be true. It starts by what and how you think. The beginning of successful thinking is taking 100% responsibility of your life and your thoughts. You are where you are in life because of what you have or have not done and because of what you have or have not thought. Your feelings and reactions to people, places or things is 100% your doing. You may not have control over the world or other people, but you have 100% control over how you react, how you think and how you feel. 

Like the food, you put in your body, high quality thoughts will turn your life into a high-quality life. One of the best tools to start turning your thinking around is meditation. 

Tip #3: Meditation

Meditation is something that will change every facet of your life and its simple and doesn’t cost you anything. We tend to be slaves to our minds and meditation is the key that unlocks the chains that bind us. Simply sitting upright in a comfortable position, clearing our thoughts and focusing on our breathing is the first step. Present moment nonjudgmental awareness is the next step. Allowing what flows by to flow by without judgement. Meditation isn’t the thing that only Sages and Mystics do in a cave somewhere. It’s what someone who wants to be free of their own BS does. When someone has the insight to say “I deserve better!” and is willing to do what it takes to get there. Many try to cope with their stress, anxiety and problems with drugs and alcohol and my rebuttal is: Meditate NOT Medicate! When you partake in drugs or alcohol you are looking to drown out something or create a certain state, but all you are doing is putting a band-aid on and never fixing the problem or if you are looking to achieve a state, that state is fleeting and ever receding. Meditation allows you to go beyond your problems and find real solutions or real states. The mental and physical achievements that can be gained through meditation are limitless. 

All you have to do is start with five minutes a day. I know you can find 5 minutes. Think about how much time you spend on social media or bashing your boss or worrying about your problems. Take some of that time and sit down and meditate. 

You are your biggest obstacle to your health, wealth and happiness and YOU are also your biggest solution. Take 100% responsibility for your life. Your thoughts, actions are on you and they affect you and those around you. We all want this world to be a better place so do your part. Do You!

These three steps are building blocks to a better life and a better world. They start small and become larger. It’s not about removing what’s “bad” and not working in your life, it’s about adding “good” and what does work. You add enough good stuff and there is no room for the bad stuff. It’s time to do your part, Make YOURSELF GREAT again and lead by example.

These tips are a gift from me to you. They are priceless so we can’t put a price tag on them. They may seem a little simple, but put them into action and watch your world spin on a dime. 

· You are what you eat

· You are what you think

· Meditate not Medicate

If you need guidance or a little boost, let me know and I will help you along the way, my gift from me to you!! So there, I guess I do have a New Year’s resolution! 

Happy New Year!

Your Friend,


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